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We are located inside, "emerge Wellness Studio".

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Our Policy

Please help us to make our Kindermusik classroom an optimum learning environment for all!

Do Not Bring Sick Children to Class: If your Kindermusik educator suspects that your child is sick/contagious you will be asked to leave the class. If your child suffers from allergies or has symptoms, (ie. a lingering cough), that have been checked by a doctor and deemed non-contagious, please let your Kindermusik educator know. We offer unlimited make-up classes that are easily scheduled by talking with your educator.

Be an Active and Focused Role Model: Your Kindermusik class is a very special opportunity to focus completely on your child. We encourage you to visit with other parents during “gathering time” or before or after class, but not during class time, please! After "gathering time", when mouths are moving they should ONLY be moving in song! When parents are chatting it is very distracting to the children as well as the other adults in the classroom. And, when you are an active, focused, enthusiastic participant in the class activities your child will model your actions and focus more fully and get so much more out of the class!

If your child becomes disruptive in class: At times, your child may have difficulty focusing or participating in the classroom and may become disruptive in class. What to do? First, attempt to redirect your child’s attention. If your child continues to scream, cry, run, etc., please step outside of the studio into the front foyer and give your child a moment to calm. DO come back into the studio as soon as you feel your child is ready:)

Tag-a-long (non-enrolled) Siblings: Sibling up to the age of 5 months old may "tag-along" at anytime. Understandably, situations do occur when, on occasion, a non-enrolled sibling over the age of 5 months must “tag-along”. On such occasions, please submit the "tag-a-long" (non-enrolled) sibling waiver and pay the required $5 drop in fee.

Water only! If your child needs a snack during class please take them outside the studio to the front foyer. Water is permitted in the classroom in leak proof cups or bottles.

Footwear, purses and diaper bags: Please remove your shoes, purses and diaper bags may be brought into the studio and placed in our classroom cubbies...out of reach of little hands. Do not place anything on the studio floor.

Tuition Policy and Refunds: Our hope is to have every family that attends our Kindermusik leave with not only a song in their heart, but the feeling that the Kindermusik experience enriches their lives. To that end, we offer a very fair refund policy. Upon registering you will pay a *non-refundable" deposit. This deposit will hold your space in the class of your choice. The remaining balance is due in full on the first day of your session. If, within the first two weeks of the session, you find that Kindermusik is not "the right fit" for you and/or your child your remaining tuition is refundable less the classes you have attended. We feel that it takes most children, (and caregivers), at least two classes to settle into the classroom routine. After your second class, tuition refunds may be requested only due to an unexpected family move or illness/physical inability necessitating withdrawal. Tuition is payable in full at the start date of each session, unless a payment plan has been requested.